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Whose Line (Of Code) Is It Anyway?

Aaron Kohlbeck

personal growth

4:10 - 5:00 - Inspire

Most improv classes advertise themselves as ways to become a better public speaker or to gain self-confidence. What they don't tell you is that successful improv doesn't just involve getting in front of people, making things up, and trying to be funny - it comes from knowing and understanding a few key rules.

In this interactive session, we'll talk first about the different kinds of improv and how they correlate to the different kinds of development projects. We'll then talk about a few of the improv rules, such as 'Yes And', 'Sweeping', and 'Avoiding Denials'. I'll then show how following, or occasionally breaking, these rules can make you a better developer and teammate. Volunteers won't be necessary for this session, but they will be appreciated!

You will leave this session ready to 'Yes And' to your team, while 'Sweeping' away the CRUD!