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The Saboteur in Your Retrospectives: How Your Brain Works Against You

Arthur Doler

personal growth

2:00 - 2:50 - Serenity

You’ve bought into the Agile process. Your team is grooming its backlog, keeping its work-in-progress low, and focusing on delivering value to the users. But when you all sit down for a retrospective, there’s something working against you - your own brains. Using unconscious shortcuts and hidden heuristics, they can lead your team down a path to the worst result possible: wasting time!

You don’t have to take that lying down - you can fight back! Come learn about how your brain interprets cause and effect, the ways in which it wants to think of things as narratives, and all the tricks it does to save itself from having to think. You’ll learn how to maximize your time as we cover ways to focus your retros on what matters, talk about how to avoid getting trapped in the blame game, and discuss the value of perspectives.