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Mastering Your Work

Matthew Schladweiler

personal growth

11:05 - 11:55 - Clarity

We have all met superstar Software Engineers and Developers. They work just over 40 hours a week, but get nearly twice as many PBI's done as everyone else, seemingly always have a solution to every problem, and have such high code quality that it's almost impossible to find a fault in their logic. Yet, when we try to follow in their footsteps, we end up with 60 hour work weeks, hair loss and broken keyboards. What do they do that is different from everyone else?

We'll take a look at how these superstars work. We'll dive into their mindsets and see how they optimize for learning, prioritize tasks, do less and obsess in ways that make them have passion and purpose to allow them to not only excel, but have less stress and be happier in a field that is overburdened by burnout, impostor syndrome, and bad work-life balance.